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I Guess I could

2013-08-20 12:29:58 by Lairdless

I mean... I used to draw witht his app I had On my 3DS I still have it. But I haven't been on it in months. Not to mention I fucking suck at drawing. I really only used it for my Ask tumblr accounts. Which I have shut down for the fact I'm lazy and drawing I gave up on it. :P... Uhhh Maybe I will I dunno. I'll charge my 3DS and since it's kinda busted that may take a week. > _ > Jeez. I don't knoooww I'm just randomly talking now. And I can Have a gif image here but not one for my forum image? The hell? Ugh whatever. That reminds me. I have to find one today. Or tomorrow. Or maybe- Ugh I'm doing it again. well anyway yea.


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2013-08-20 16:34:29

i use the paint program on all windows computers.
and they usually come out pretty good. and if you want, i can give you some tips and models if you need them. ^^